GT-PAD - New Modular Seat

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GT-PAD is Sabelt’s first modular seat. The shell is covered by velvet with high resistance. The pad kits are available separately. It is possible to customize the seat according to the different sizes of padding and by color.
• Shell in VTR developed using the know-how acquired thanks to the world’s leading experiences GT and WRC.
• Integrated head protection system
• Shoulders and hips designed according to the requirements of Regulation 8862 to improve the driver’s safety
• Rear structural reinforcement
• Ergonomic foam sections studied with CAD simulations and tested by our professional drivers to improve driving comfort.
• ADS-Air Ducting System: obtained thanks to the separation of the pad improves air circulation by increasing the seat’s breathability and improving driving performance.
  • Head protection
  • Kinderpoint antislip fabric
  • Tall leg support
  • Shaped seat pillow with integrated anti-submarine system
  • Lower cushion thichness 20 mm with breathable fabric
  • Hole of bezel increased
  • Backrest with ergonomic curver
  • High containment shoulder protection

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Färger: Röd, Svart